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Arazzinni Ego E6111 Interior Door Royal Oak

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Regular Price: $1,080.00

Special Price $810.00

(Savings: 25% )


Its time to express your EGO. Masello Di Rovere's EGO original collection includes gorgeous doors that are made from premium solid wood oak. These interior doors are designed for elite interiors.

No substitutions nor any artificial replica of the wood. Only responsively grown in heart of Europe and carefully selected natural oak wood. All finished in top trending tones.

This Collection features special 3D effect inlays. Choose from Glass, Solid or Combined glass with wood options. Every Stile and Rail is made with bevelled edges, which gives a unique touch to the doors from this collection.


Difference between Door Slab and Pre-hung Door

Door Slab Only

Door Slab Only

Door Slab Only No handle preparation. No deadbolt preparation. No frame or hinges

Pre-hung door

Pre-hung door

Complete Door unit which is prepared for easy installation. Typically Pre-Hung doors are mortised for the hinges and pre-drilled for the handles. They include matching door Jambs and Casings, Hinges and Jamb width extension (if necessary).

Knocked Down Prehung Doors

Knocked Down Prehung Doors

Doors And Beyond happy to offer knocked down prehung doors that are easy to assemble and to install. Door slabs and Jambs are precisely pre-machined to exact match each other at the assemblage points. Jambs and casings are carefully packed and shipped together with door slabls. Every piece is labeled to make assembly and installation quick and easy at the job site.

Rough opening measurement

See picture below in order to know how to accurately measure rought opening. First, three times measure the widths between the studs of the entryway. On picture 1 they are highlighted with arrowed lines and A, B, C. Be sure to record the smallest width of the 3 measurements. Second, measure the height on both sides (see picture 2 A, B lines) and also record the smallest measurement.

Rought Opening Width Measurment
Rought Opening Height Measurment

Determining your Door Size (for the single and double door configurations)

From your rough opening width subtract 2 1/2", and 1 1/4" from the height. This will determine your door slab size

Door Construction Overview

A Swinging Door itself can't be used in a proper way without its frame. Our door frames consist from the following components: Single Rabbeted Jambs, L-shaped Casings, Flat Casings (optional). A Door slab gets attached to one of the Jambs. The Casings are applied around the door into the jambs for decorating purposes. All components are finished with the same finish as the door slab.

Solid Oak Doors Frame Overview

Door, jambs and casings construction

  1. Premium Hardwood Oak
  2. 2. Natural Oak Veneer
  3. 3. Multy-Layer Core
  4. 4. Rubber Seal

Frame Overview

Frame Overview


Available only with Masello Di Rovere collection. Made from Solid Wood Oak. This type of frame can cover 3 7/8" to 6" thick wall.

Wall Thickness Measurement

Wall Thickness Measurement

Take your wall thickness measurement from edge to edge (as illustrated here). Please note that sheetrock thickness is also considered in a total measurement sum.

Available Mortised Hinges options

Concealed Hinges

Concealed Hinges

Fully concealed hinges. 2 to 4 hinges per door slab (depending on door size). Zinc Bodies and Steel Links. Finish: Satin Chrome (other finishes are available upon request)

Concealed Hinges

Plain-Bearing Hinges

All steel base material. Plain bearings. Full mortise. Finishes: Polished Chrome; Satin Nickel; Polished Brass
Size: 3.5” x 3.5” square hinge. 2 to 4 hinges per door (depending on door size).

Available Handle Preparation options

Handle Preparation

European Magnetic Lock Mortise

A Knocked Down doors will have pre-machined mortise an European Magnetic Lockset.

Handle Preparation

Standard (American) Handle Preparation

A Knocked Down Door will have pre-drilled bore for a handle with 2 3/8” backset.
Bore diameter will be 2 1/8”
Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole

Please note: If you don't need handle preparation, or need an extra pre-drill for deadbolt contact us at or call 866-553-6677

Door Swing Direction

Swing direction refers to the hinged side of the door and the way the door swings: inside or outside of the room or home. It is important to choose correct swing direction. In some cases pre-hung door with wrong chosen swing direction could not be reversed.
Please review the illustrations below in order to have clear understanding of door swing directions.

Single Doors Swing Directions

Left or Right Hand means that hinged side of the door is located from your left or right hand side accordingly. Location where you are standing when determining swing direction is considered as outside.


EGO Collection Features


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

3D effect inlays

EGO Collections offers a 3D Effects via Stained Glass Filler and Hardwood Oak inlays.

Choose from 3 possible combination:
1. Combo- hardwood oak inlay with decorative glass strip.
2. Glass - full glass panel with Stained Glass Filler, which gives the glass a 3D effect. Technique of stained glass filler is an elegant and a bold feature to acid etched glass.
3. Solid- recessed hardwood oak inlay gives character and depth to the oak panel.


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection
Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Bevel Edges

A unique touch to the EGO Collection are bevelled edges on the Stile and Rail


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Stile and Rail Construction


General Features


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Door, Jambs and Casings Construction

1. Premium Hardwood Oak
2. Natural Oak Veneer
3. Multy-Layer Core
4. Rubber Seal


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Finish Options

  Custom Finish program. With our Custom Finish option we offer a flexible array of options to suit any design need. With the use of our laboratory, we can match any oak finish! Its a simple 3 step process of sending us an oak sample, getting a sample back and confirming the finish.

  Distressed wood imitation

  Paste Wood Filler

Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Italian Quality


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

AGB Italian Magnetic Lock

Magnetic movement lock particularly suitable for lean-look, modern design internal doors. Peerlessly versatile, thanks to design of innovative strikers which can be used for rebated and flush doors, with wooden or aluminium frames. Polaris XT is remarkably quiet on closing and precise in its mechanical coupling, conveying pleasurable sensations on handle and key movement.

Made In Italy

Italian Quality
Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Soft Closing
Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Wiggle Free


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Arazzinni Italian Concealed Hinges

Adjustable concealed hinge for modern and designed flush doors. Arazzinni offers wide settings on three axes. Thanks to the symmetric milling, the hinge is reversible and allows to choose the door verse directly on site. The sash movement is fluid and precise until 180°. The covers conceal the adjustment screws, for elegance also when the sash is open.

Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

3D Adjustable
Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

180° swing angle


Arazzinni Massello di Rovere Collection

Modern Door Casings Design

EGO and Quadro Collections are complimented with an intriguing 45 degree beveled 3 ¼” hardwood oak casings that are flush with the door slab.

1. Flush Design
2. 45° Bevel

Made In Italy 

Shipping and Handling Shipping rates:

Number of doorsContinental United States
1 $180
2 $240
3 $300
4 $360
5 $420
6 $480
7 $540
8 $600
9 $660
10 $720
11 $780
12 $840
13 $900
14 $960
15 $1020
 Orders over 15 doors  Please Contact Us

Door levers- FREE Shipping ships anywhere in the US and Canada (Buyer is responsible for filling out customs form for shipments to Canada). The turnaround time of a placed order may vary and does not hold responsibilities for any delayed shipments. We do not ship to APO, FPO, or PO boxes. We need a valid street address in order to process the order. If you made a mistake regarding the delivery address, you must contact us within 12 hours of placing an order. If the product is shipped out to a wrong address, the buyer carries responsibilities to any additional shipping charges.

Doors are shipped via freight ground services and the shipments are insured by the shipping carrier. Prior to making a delivery, someone from a freight company will contact you to schedule a drop off day and time that is convenient to you. Make sure that there will be someone to accept the product upon the delivery. Failure to do so, might result in re-delivery charge that you will be responsible for. All shipments are delivered to the back of the truck. Lift gate services, inside delivery and white glove services are optional and you must contact us for these services(charges will apply ). Drivers are not required to assist in removing of the product from the truck, but they often do assist customers that will reward them with tips. However, doors are a heavy commodity that will require 2-3 people to be present and active of removing the product from the truck. During unloading of products from the truck,, assumes no responsibilities or liability for damage of the product, personal injury to someone, or any other issue that may arise due to moving the product from the truck to the inside space.

Customer is responsible to inspect all the elements of the shipped product and indicate any shortage or damage, BEFORE signing on the freights company’s paperwork. If the customer finds any concealed damage with the shipment after the driver leaves, they must contact the freight company to file a claim.

If there are items missing, you must indicate that on paper work and notify us immediately, but DO NOT REFUSE the delivery. We would need pictures and other indications of the missing parts in order for us to send a replacement.



If the delivery driver refuses inspection, please note on the delivery receipt the following: “POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE. DRIVER WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO EXAMINE FREIGHT” and then sign where required. If these terms are not followed we cannot be liable for any replacements. is responsible for making payments to the shipping and delivery vendors directly. You, the customer, do NOT have to pay anything to the truckers at the time of delivery or at any other time. Any and all such payments, if made by the customer to the carrier company or its representatives, for any additional or existing services will be at your sole discretion and cost. You agree that will not refund such payments under any circumstances.

Warranty and Support

Installation Instructions

Interior Doors Installation is a quite complex process and in order to successfully perform this task some professional skills and tools are required.

We are happy to offer you installation instructions that we prepared for you in a very simple and intuitive manner.

Please download, review and show it to your contractor/installer.

If for any reason you will have difficulties or issues with installation of Arazzinni Doors you can contact us during our working office hours.

Interior Doors Installation Instructions


 Download Installation InstructionsDownload PDF

Product Maintenance

Our selected interior door product requires no further treatments of the door slabs or casings. However, in order to keep the product at its best appearance, we recommend using wood cleaning products with an addition of hard wax. One of the products that we highly recommend is Behold® Furniture Polish. Behold® Furniture Polish protects finished surfaces with a long lasting hard wax finish. In addition, to the protective feature, it has lemon scent, which most people seem to enjoy! We recommend using the product as often as you clean it.


Another important thing that arises in the process of selecting an interior or exterior door is manufacturer's warranty. We've got you covered and proud to introduce that all Arazzinni brand doors are covered by 2-years manufacture warranty. To download and review our warranty statements please follow the links below.

2 Year warranty for all doors
Arazzinni Interior Doors Warranty -
Download Arazzinni Warranty Here Download PDF


Arazzinni is the fastest growing provider of European and custom interior and exterior doors in the United States. Choose from more than 100 ready-made options or customize your own. Arazzinni team will work with designers to create custom fabricated doors to accommodate any request.

Wholesale distribution center is located in Rahway, NJ, with four manufacturing plants throughout Eastern Europe. Since their inception in 2009, they have sold more than 20,000 doors across the country. In 2015, Arazzinni will expand their reach globally to Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Canadian markets. Arazzinni is confident in all projected growth as they continue to offer customers the best price, quality, and service.

Find out more at

Availability Stock Model
List price No
Configuration Single
Model Name Arazzinni Ego E6111 Interior Door Royal Oak
Door Style Modern
Door Type Interior
Prefinished? Yes
Finish Royal Oak
Door Slab Sizes 17 13/16”: 23 13/16”: 27 13/16”: 29 13/16”: 31 13/16”: 35 13/16”
Door Slab Height 79 3/8”
Door Slab Thickness 1 3/4"
Jamb Width No
Wall covered by jamb with adjustable casing No
Door Casing width No
Middle Panel Construction Solid Oak Wood
Stile Construction Solid Oak Wood
Glass Lite No
Glass Type N/A
Glass Style N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Fire Rated None
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

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