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Interior Closet Doors from Doorsandbeyond

Interior Closet Doors

The doors that are used in closets are known as closet doors. There are several types of closet doors that we are happy to offer our customers choice of Swinging, Sliding and Bifold Closet Doors. Feel free to learn about each configuration and shop with confidence.

Swinging Closet Doors

Basically swinging closet doors are the same doors that we use between rooms. Typically the swing direction on these doors is always outside, which is obvious to keep space inside the closet. Closet swing doors may be in single or double configuration. The hardware choice for this kind of doors consist from concealed or regular hinges and passage or dummy handles and knobs. Double swinging closet doors most of the time have dummy handles with ball and catch. Every of our swing doors can be used as closet swinging door. This configuration mostly used in walk-in closets as well as in reach-in ones.


What is Bi-Fold doors?

Bi-Fold doors is a door which consist from two or more door slabs connected to each other with hinges and with roller track on the edge side. They mostly used in reach-in closets.

We offer Bi-Fold closet doors that support 2, 3, 4 folding slabs. We use only fine bi-fold hardware from US manufacturers like Johnson Hardware.

Bi-Fold Closet Doors


Sliding Pocket Closet Doors

A pocket closet door is a sliding door that slides back into a compartment (pocket) in the wall. These types of doors slide right into the wall and don't have any hinges like swing closet doors. Also these doors don't have any swing direction.

Pocket closet doors are usually used when there is no room for the swinging door or for achieving an architectural effect.

The Door Slab slides on rollers that are placed in an overhead track. In some cases bottom door guides are needed for a stable slide.


Choose your Pocket Door



A sliding bypass closet door is similar to pocket sliding doors. With the bypass system, doors slide on a roller track one behind the other and are often used for closets. Those doors are great for saving space and controlling access in different ways.

Sliding Bypass Closet Doors


Sliding Barn Closet Doors

A barn door is a sliding door with rollers moving on wall-based rails. It requires no swing space for opening and closing. This system brings with it plenty of benefits that complement the aesthetic appeal of the door itself. Beautiful, massive door slab moves very smooth, easy to control. Stripped-down roller design will become the base style element of any interior - living rooms, bedrooms, offices, closets, bathrooms, pantries and anywhere in between.