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Maximum 201 Interior Door Bleached Oak

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Change the way you view doors with a Maximum 201 interior door. This bleach oak interior door adds a contemporary sleek look to any bedroom or bathroom. The door slab itself has six recessed horizontal chipboard inlays running the length of it, with a stripe of polished aluminum separating each board. The chipboard inlays are sided by two vertical wood planks connected on micro studs, and a pine frame completes the look. The wood planks and chipboard inlays are lined with medium density fibreboard, which is stronger and more durable than plywood.

The Maximum 201 interior door bleached oak has a medium texture finish. This is created by interim grinding after the application of Becker Acrona varnish. Our products are built with the best materials, so we know you will be satisfied with the Maximum 201 interior door in terms of both design and quality.


What is pre-hung?
Pre-hung door is a door that is already hanging in its own frame. Getting a pre-hung unit will save you time and money when installing your new luxury door. The main components of a pre-hung door are: rubber sealed single rabbet frames, matching casings, and your choice of hinges.

Under what circumstances should you get a pre-hung door?
If you fall under one of these categories it would be best for you to get a pre-hung door:
-New construction or house renovation
-No existing door frame

We also highly recommend getting your door pre-hung, so you may enjoy the full beauty of your newly acquired luxury door!

What is a door slab?
A door slab is a rectangular slab of wood and it does not come with any type of hinges, frames and moldings.

Why would I need a door slab?
-Sliding door solution
-Pocket door solution
-Replacement of the currently existing door, without removing your existing frame

Double Door Pre-hung
All of the double doors that are pre-hung will come in dissembled manner, in order to prevent damage during transportation.

Why get a double door?
You may use the double for either closets or as a grand entry doors inside the house.

What should you consider when selecting a pre-hung configuration?
1) Single door or double door
2) Door width
3) Door height
4) Door swing
5) Type of hinges
6) Thickness of your wall, which will help you determine if you in need of frame extensions

How do you determine which size door you need?
There are two ways of finding out the dimensions of your replacement door.
1) If may measure the actual door width and height
2) If you don’t have a door to measure, you may go by the rough opening (opening space between the walls)

Door Jamb & Casing

Door jamb and casing

The frame is made from natural wood filling with a rubber sealed door stop, and self-regulating molding to enable easy installation. The thickness of the door jamb is 3 7/8”, which is adjustable to 4 7/8” using the L-Casing molding. Casings are applied around the door jamb, which are the same finish as the door.

Available Mortised Hinges options

Plain bearing hinges Plain bearing hinges Plain bearing hinges

Plain-Bearing Hinges
All steel base material. Plain bearings. Full mortise. Finishes: Polished Chrome; Satin Nickel; Polished Brass
Size: 3.5” x 3.5” square hinge

SOSS invisible hinges AGB italian pivot hinges

SOSS Invisible Hinges
Fully concealed hinge
2 hinges per door slab
Zinc Bodies and Steel Links
Finish: Satin Chrome
More Info:

AGB Italian Pivot Hinges
Easy to mount & adjust with 4 & 5mm Allen Keys
Can be adjusted vertically
Can be regulated horizontally by means of an octagonal camwasher
More Info:

Handle Preparation

Handle preparation

A pre-hung unit will have pre-drilled door for a handle with 2 3/8” backset
Bore diamteter will be 2 1/8”
Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole


Here you can download warranty PDF document.


BELWOODDOORS owns the largest door manufacturing complex that can be found in Russia and is affiliated with the BELWOODDOORS Group located in Belarus. This is the place where architectural intuition meets modern design. We offer a unique collection of premium interior doors with a classic to modern /contemporary character. The products that we produce are of superior quality and are built to withstand the test of time.

Availability Special Order
Configuration Single
Model Name Maximum 201 Interior Door Bleached Oak
Door Style Modern
Door Type Interior
Prefinished? Yes
Finish Bleached Oak
Door Slab Sizes 17 13/16”: 19 13/16”: 23 13/16”: 27 13/16”: 29 13/16”: 31 13/16”: 35 13/16”
Door Slab Height 79 3/8”
Door Slab Thickness 1 9/16”
Jamb Width 3 7/8”
Wall covered by jamb with adjustable casing 3 7/8” to 4 7/8”
Door Casing width 2 13/16”
Middle Panel Construction Swedish honeycomb structure wrapped in natural wood veneer with 5 aluminum strips.
Stile Construction Solid wood core covered with a natural wood veneer finish
Glass Lite No
Glass Type N/A
Glass Style N/A
Glass Thickness N/A
Fire Rated None
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

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