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Monarch - Exterior Door (Pre-hung Door Unit)


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Design. A distinctive feature of the Monarch Steel Security Entry Door is 3-chamber window with wrought-iron bars. The harmonious combination of colors and accessories as well as patina on the decorative bars, emphasizes the elegant appearance of the door.

Security. In the process of door manufacturing we use bending and profiling technology with stiffeners. Thus, providing additional protection from attempts to open the door by force or hacking.

Heat and sound insulation. Monarch entry door meets the highest A-class on air-tightness according to STB standards. The model has six layers of thermal insulation reliably protecting the door from cold air. Expanded polystyrene does not absorb condensation and moisture from the air and therefore prevents corrosion. Special insulation Porilex insulates reinforcement stiffeners.

Durability. Door panels created with SteelTex technology are resistant to light mechanical damage, temperature extremes and UV rays. The panels do not fade over time and retain its original appearance throughout the service life of the door. Hinges are designed for more than 500,000 cycles of opening.

The basic package includes


  Night latch Lower lock Handle Euro profile cylinder
  Night latch Lower lock Handle Euro profile cylinder

Technical Specifications

Decoration of the outside panel Moisture-resistant MDF, 16 mm, SteelTex, "Dark Oak" color
Decoration of the inside panel Moisture-resistant MDF, 16 mm, SteelTex, "Dark Oak" color
Painting the door box Polymer coating “Moire”
Jamb Metal P-45, MDF 16×70 mm
Direction of opening the door Outward door opening
Insulation Penopolysterol; Porilex; “warm mirror”
Number of sealing contours 4


Upper lock Kale 257L
Lower Lock Kale 252R
Pads Crit (with spring-loaded shutters)
Secret cylinder Kale Killit
Peephole Securemme
Night Latch Securemme
Handle Armadillo


Armored Pad Screwed armored pad Crit
Soundproofing 45 dB
Classification of locks Optima 4*
Warranty 2 years
SKU novo-monarch
Availability Stock Model
Model Name Monarch - Exterior Door (Pre-hung Door Unit)
Door Thickness 3 1/8"
Door Slab Width 33 5/8"
Door Slab Height 76 1/2"
Door Unit Width 37 3/4"
Frame Thickness 9⁄16"
Frame Width 4 3/8"
Outside Molding Width 3 1/2"
Inside Molding Width 2"
Peephole No
Threshold Width 2"
Threshold Finish Stainless Steel
Lock Type Multi Point Lock
Lock Finish Polished Chrome
Hurricane Rated No
Fire Rated No
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
What is in the Box Prehung door with installation screws, lock handle, peephole, key set (7x)
List price No

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