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18" x 80" - $299.00
18" x 84" - $343.00
18" x 92 1/2" - $358.00
18" x 96" - $358.00
24" x 80" - $299.00
24" x 84" - $343.00
24" x 92 1/2" - $358.00
24" x 96" - $358.00
28" x 80" - $299.00
28" x 84" - $343.00
28" x 92 1/2" - $358.00
28" x 96" - $358.00
30" x 80" - $299.00
30" x 84" - $343.00
30" x 92 1/2" - $358.00
30" x 96" - $358.00
32" x 80" - $299.00
32" x 84" - $343.00
32" x 92 1/2" - $358.00
32" x 96" - $358.00
36" x 80" - $299.00
36" x 84" - $343.00
36" x 92 1/2" - $358.00
36" x 96" - $358.00

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SmarProTM Interior Lacquered Door Collection combines sleek modern design and strong, durable construction. We carefully select high quality materials to produce our doors with minimal environmental impact.

Door Construction


SmartCoreTM is an innovative door core composite with strong structural elements. The stile and rail construction core is comprised of engineered marine plywood, which is a stable material offering moisture and humidity resistance. The EuroFoam core material offers excellent noise and thermal insulation.


SmartEdgeTM is a design element that ensures protection of the most vulnerable part of the door. Edge protection comes from German 2mm thick eco-friendly PVC strip that is applied to the edges of the door. Made in Germany

Premium Lacquered Finish (UV)

SmartProTM Premium finishes are applied to HDF panels with Ultra Scratch Resistant Finish, including matte and stippled finishes. Both finishes are achieved with the use of UV lacquering technology. Made in Germany

Door Components

Real Aluminum Strips

Modern design aluminum strip option is available. Strips are made from real Aluminum and there are different placements combinations to choose from to suit your design needs.

Glass Options

Tempered glass is used to offer glass inlay designs that follow safety regulatory guidelines. Options include Frosted, Clear, Black, Bronze, and Full Color Graphic Printing. Belgium Technologies

Frames and Moldings

The Jambs and Casings are composed of 3-1/2" width Molding with Adjustable Jambs from 3 13/32" to 6". The Double Rubber Seal at the joint provides silent closing and optimal instillation.

Configurations and Sizes

Door Width Range

All standard width sizes are available. Custom widths up to 42 inches.

Door Height Range

Standard Height sizes are 6'8" and 8'. Custom heights up to 100 inches.

Door Configurations

Doors can come in the following configurations:

  1. Swinging: Single and Double
  2. Pocket: Single and Double
  3. Bifold
  4. Barn, Sliding, Magic

Extra Features


Automatic Door Sweep is installed at the bottom of the door to protect the room from the dust, noise, drafts, smoke and insects. Upon closing, sweep mechanism is triggered by a switch at the door’s hinge side, which actives the sweep to drop down. Made in Italy

Design Accents

SmartEdgeTM serves not only as a protection element, but also offers a design accent that adds a finishing touch to the edge. There are more than several hundred German accent strips to choose from including Magic Metallic, Lite-edge Translucent Edges, and all RAL Color options. Made in Germany

Premium Lux Lacquered Finish

Premium Lux Italian Lacquer finish is characterized by perfectly smooth matte or high gloss durable coating. Finishing options include metallic or acrylic varnish, offered in an array of RAL colors. Made in Italy

SmartProTM - Smart Way to Save Money

According to US Department of Energy heating and cooling accounts for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes.

Average Monthly Savings*

SmartCoreTM Doors can save you up to 20% off your monthly electric bill.
*The savings are estimated; individual results may vary

SmartCoreTM Insulation Comparison

SmartCore Insulation is a leader among the door cores

SmartSweepTM Technology

Automatic Door Sweep is installed at the bottom of the door to protect the room from the dust, noise, drafts, smoke and insects. Upon closing, sweep mechanism is triggered by a switch at the door’s hinge side, which actives the sweep to drop down. Made in Italy

Installation Instructions

Interior Doors Installation is a quite complex process and in order to successfully perform this task some professional skills and tools are required.

We are happy to offer you installation instructions that we prepared for you in a very simple and intuitive manner.

Please download, review and show it to your contractor/installer.

If for any reason you will have difficulties or issues with installation of Arazzinni Doors you can contact us during our working office hours.

Palladio 4H Series Installation Instructions


Download Installation Instructions

Product Maintenance

Our selected interior door product requires no further treatments of the door slabs or casings. However, in order to keep the product at its best appearance, we recommend using wood cleaning products with an addition of hard wax. One of the products that we highly recommend is Behold® Furniture Polish. Behold® Furniture Polish protects finished surfaces with a long lasting hard wax finish. In addition, to the protective feature, it has lemon scent, which most people seem to enjoy! We recommend using the product as often as you clean it.


Another important thing that arises in the process of selecting an interior or exterior door is manufacturer's warranty. We've got you covered and proud to introduce that all Arazzinni brand doors are covered by 2-years manufacture warranty. To download and review our warranty statements please follow the links below.

2 Year warranty for all doors
Arazzinni Interior Doors Warranty -
Download Arazzinni Warranty Here

Arazzinni - Make a statement

Arazzinni is the fastest growing provider of European and custom interior and exterior doors in the United States. Choose from more than 100 ready-made options or customize your own. Arazzinni team will work with designers to create custom fabricated doors to accommodate any request.

Wholesale distribution center is located in Rahway, NJ, with four manufacturing plants throughout Eastern Europe. Since their inception in 2009, they have sold more than 20,000 doors across the country. In 2015, Arazzinni will expand their reach globally to Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Canadian markets. Arazzinni is confident in all projected growth as they continue to offer customers the best price, quality, and service.

Additional Information

Model NameArazzinni SmartPro 4H Modern Interior Door
Door StyleModern
Door TypeInterior
Door Slab Sizes17 13/16" : 23 13/16”: 27 13/16" : 29 13/16” : 31 13/16”: 35 13/16”
Door Slab Height79 3/8”
Door Slab Thickness1 3/4”
Jamb Width3 11/32”
Wall covered by jamb with adjustable casing3 7/8” to 4 7/8”
Door Casing width3 1/2”
Middle Panel ConstructionFlat panel door with 4 decorative aluminum strips; SmartCore
Stile ConstructionMarine Plywood covered by HDF Board.
Glass LiteNo
Glass TypeN/A
Glass StyleN/A
Glass ThicknessN/A
Fire RatedNone
Warranty2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty