Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are a couple of things that you will need to prepare before placing an order.

Door Model and Type
Door size (click here to learn on to make measurements)
Door function (ex. Hinge swing door; bi-pass sliding doors, bi-fold doors, etc.)
Type of hardware and function
A valid form of payment

There are several ways of placing your order with DoorsAndBeyond:

Online order

Choose a door and configure it according to your needs Add to cart; If you need to order more than one door you can continue shopping and add more products to you cart Proceed to safe and secure checkout.

Order By Email

Email our sales department at [email protected]

Order By Phone or Fax

Call us at the toll free number 866-553-6677
Fax your door schedule to 866-531-8594

You may measure your door by taking the following measurements

Measure the width of the door in 3 locations - top, middle and bottom and take the biggest measurement
Measure the height of the door in 2 location - by the handle and by the hinge side. Take the biggest measurements

This is the opening in the wall where pre hung door is being installed. Rough opening must be 2 - 2.5" wider and 1.25" higher than the door slab to leave room for jambs and constructing foam.

See picture below in order to know how to accurately measure rought opening.
First, three times measure the widths between the studs of the entryway.
On picture they are highlighted with arrowed lines and A, B, C. Be sure to record the smallest width of the 3 measurements.
Second, measure the height on both sides (see picture 2 A, B lines) and also record the smallest measurement.

Door schedule is your complete door order, which includes but not limited to the following:

Door number
Door location (ex. Kids room)
Door Size or Rough Opening dimensions
Door Function (ex. Hinge swing door; bi-pass sliding doors, bi-fold doors, etc.)
Door swing
Door Type – Glass or Solid
Model Name
Lock function

The door’s construction will vary depending on the model that you chose. There is a specification table (that looks like this) which will tell you the inner door construction. Our Grand and Arazzinni collections are made from solid wood.

Absolutely! You can put any handle on our doors; however keep in mind that we bore for 1 3/8” backsets! If you need us to make 1 3/4” backset let us know when you are placing your order.

It's the matter of taste. Plain Bearing Hinges are old-school hinges that everybody got used to use. If you don't want to see hinges at the door, you can go for SOSS hinges that have a better match with modern interior doors.

We have Classica Ultra in Wenge finish in stock. But we can put it on special order and you will get your doors within 8 to 12 weeks.

Four SOSS or four Plain Bearing hinges.

Absolutely! But it has to be on a special order, which requires 8 to 12 weeks to the doors to be delivered.

Yes, we are constantly improving our model line and getting new models. To stay informed about new arrivals just subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our website and you will see our new models.

The warranty covers all manufactures defects. The warranty and the policies can be found here.

You can view our return policy by clicking the following link

Jamb extension is an additional pre finished wood plank, added to the door jamb to cover additional wall thickness (for example in older houses with thicker walls).

Sure. You can buy door slabs and/or handles separately.

Yes, most of glass inlays are made of tempered glass and are safe. Desta model is the only one, where glass is not tempered, but it complies with American safety standards.

Yes, we've prepared some of available pocket configurations for your convenience. Simply type "pocket" word in search bar in top. For all other models please consult with our representative.

Yes you can, but we recommend consulting with one of your experts before placing an order, simply because the construction of our doors is different.

You can order samples from our website. Samples are free; there is only a $6.00 flat rate shipping charge. Samples are being shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

This will depend on the shipping address. Usually it takes 3 to 5 business days.

The doors are delivered by FedEx ( When shipment is created you will receive an email with tracking information. It's a curbside delivery. So make sure that there will be 2-3 people on the site who will get the package to you.