Versace - Exterior Door (Pre-hung Door Unit)

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The basic package includes

  Peephole Night latch Lower lock Handle Euro profile cylinder
  Peephole Night latch Lower lock Handle Euro profile cylinder

Production and construction
features of entrance door

Design. The main advantages of the Versace Steel Security Entry Door are majestic appearance emphasized by artistic milling and premium quality materials. This model has no molding that in previous models could differ in color from other door accessories. Covers on hinges has the color as the door handles that logically complete the aesthetic looks of the door.

Security. This model is manufactured by applying bending and profiling technology with the system of stiffeners that reinforce the door and protect it from breaking-in attempts. On the side of the hinges we install irremovable crossbars that serve as additional protection for the door.

Heat & sound insulation. The door and the door box are insulated by mineral wool “Knauf” (100 mm thick). Crit lever lock has spring-loaded shutters and exclude the penetration of cold air coming into the room through a keyhole. Fixing technology that fixes insulation over the entire height of the entry door. It prevents sagging and provides high levels of heat and sound insulation.

Durability. Installed hinges and equipped with self-centering element and need no adjustment during the operation of the door. Hinges designed to more than 500,000 cycles of opening. The materials used are characterized by durability, ecological compatibility and long-term service life.